Choice of Applicator: Much of the effect is determined by the applicator you select. General or specific body areas may be treated. Next to each applicator is a detailed description of its function.

2) Angle of Application: Placement of the face of an applicator parallel to the body produces a vibratory effect. Placement of the edge of the applicator perpendicular to the body produces a percussive effect. Note: The use of the Percussion adaptor #209 amplifies the percussive effect.

3) Pressure of Application: Varying the pressure greatly changes the effect. The greater the pressure applied, the more specific the area of treatment. Note: Because of the machine’s deep penetration, you do not need to use heavy pressure.

4) Speed of Oscillation:

A) The LOW speeds

  • Generates relaxation through penetration in preparation for additional massage. Re-establishes relaxation during the massage routine when used to link more active movements.
  • Reflex contraction of muscle fibers improves muscular response.
  • Arterial circulation increases thus producing a local rise in skin temperature.

B) The MIDDLE speeds are recommended for compression movements or a deep kneading effect.

  • Tones muscle tissue and reinforces natural
  • Relaxes hard contracted muscles preventing the formation of fibrositis in the tissue.
  • Assists in absorption of fluid around the joints, thus reducing swelling (edema).
  • Reduces muscle spasms.
  • Hastens the removal of waste by-products by increasing lymphatic flow and drainage.

C) The HIGH speeds are recommended for

  • Specific or general warm-up prior to exercise.
  • Stimulation of sensory nerve endings bringing about a reflex response in the skin's circulatory network.
  • Obtaining an analgesic or "pain-masking" effect.
  • Goading muscles and joints.
  • Eliminates fatigue by helping to remove lactic acid.
  • Brings about relaxation of contracted muscles.

G5 Massagers Advantages:

Machines are a cut above the competition for many reasons. Here are 5 of them:

1. Experience

G5 Massage Machines have been serving in the Medical as well as the Beauty & Spa fields for more than 45 years. No other massage machine manufacture can claim this many years of experience.

2. Directional-Stroking

Each G5 Massage Machine incorporates our patented Directional-Stroking action. While other massage machines provide vibration therapy alone, or a simple "up and down" thumping action, Directional-Stroking provides two force components.
Click here to learn more about Directional-Stroking.

3. Self-Application

G5 Home-Care Massage/Percussors provide the only way to administer self-treatment of posterior and lateral lung segments, as well as of posterior muscle groups. Our custom designed Pillow allows the patient to administer hands-free treatments; the applicator head is held into position by our Custom Pillow, which can be adjusted and secured by an accompanying Velcro belt.

4. Extensive Product Range

Because all patients and conditions are not the same, G5 Massage Machines are made in twelve different models. Each is custom-deisgned for either neonatal, pediatric, adult or geriatric patients.

5. Interchangeable Applicator System

Only G5 Massage Machines have an interchangeable applicator system. With over 20 different applicators available, our product line can accommodate variations in body size, weight, strength, and overall physical condition. Each applicator provides specific massage effects, such as: heat massage, cold massage, reduction of trigger points and muscle spasms, mobilization of edema fluids and lactic acid build-up, muscle relaxation, and increased range of motion.

Reduces Fat

Improved circulation helps eliminate cellulite
Useful in firming body contours
Helps reduce long-established fat deposits and subcutaneous fat
Reduces fat deposits connected with poor circulation




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