At The Gentsroom feeling and looking good is all part of the process and to do that you need to make sure all aspects have been covered.  If you ever read certain sections of magazines like FHM or Loaded and check out the women’s comments you will see what we mean.

“he was a terrific bloke but his nails were filthy and coming no where near my *****”

“it was all going great until he took his shirt off and turned to hang it up, he looked like a body double for The Fly”

“gorillas in the mist sprang to mind when he came out the shower”

“he was like something from Lord of Rings with horns for toenails”

We think we look good because we put of a bit of splash and clean underwear and shirt but they think we don’t look after ourselves because our hands ain’t clean.

And their minds work like this -

“if they don’t take care to clean their hands and nails then what else do they not bother cleaning?!”

Joking aside, at The Gentsroom we have treatments to suit all situations, from a bit of nail and hand care to a full body make over, a relaxing or therapeutic massage to the defuzzing and waxing of hair areas that we didn’t know we had.

It’s all available under the one roof in The Gentsroom, no women laughing and sniggering, no being hidden in the deepest darkest corners of the salon. You can Chill Out (Members Only) before or after your treatments, which take place in private treatment or consultation rooms.

Our full list of treatments and prices are available on our price list.
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