Personal Training - Home Visits

At The Gentsroom we understand and know that it is sometimes daunting to start on an exercise program when you are perhaps overweight or short of confidence.  It can be hard to make the first move to join a facility which is seen as a health or fitness club.  Why not take advantage of our Home Visit option. 

Home Visit Consultation

We will go through the same 30 minute consultation in the comfort of your own home that we go through in The Gentsroom.


The training can be carried out in your own home at a time and frequency to suit your own needs.  If at anytime you feel you wish to switch from Home Training to The Gentsroom then this can be accommodated with the additional benefits of our Chill Out rooms and other facilities.


Day , evening, weekend appointments available

So there is no excuse not to exercise as The Gentsroom staff are here to work round your timetable.


1, 2, 3 times per week or once a month. Try and decide on a day and stick with it. Our advance planning system and discount for block bookings make sticking to your schedule even easier.


Sessions last for 1 hour, 45 minutes or 30 minute express workouts.

Call us or email us now for details of our free consultation service.

We have given examples on our price list of personal training costs but as our packages are flexible and tailored to your needs these will be discussed at free consultation stage.

Benefits of Training at Home?

If you decide that you want to get fit, and struggle to get to the gym, or pay a membership your rarely use, then why not get expert training at home.  It takes the hassle out of getting to The Gentsroom, can fit round family commitments, is ideal for those who lack transport.

 What equipment do I need?

All equipment required for your training will be provided, you just need to find a suitable space in your home to

exercise, most living rooms are sizeable enough. We use exercise balls, tubes, weights and aids for training, the best foundations for any exercise programme.

When can I train?

Some of our clients train before work, after work or at weekends, just decide on a time and commit to get fit.

*Block Bookings available and discount may apply.

Please ask for further details*

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