Fitness Classes

Aside from Martial arts and Boxing, the Gentsroom have sought to provide fitness training in our on site gym. For many years now, fitness training has consisted of running on treadmills and endless hours spent in large nameless and faceless conglomerate gyms where the staff seems to know how to keep the members interested for 3 months whilst paying for a full year’s membership. Most people will join the gym just after Christmas and go out of a sense of shame that they have eaten too much over the festive period and make their new year resolution to get fit. How long does that last? It is easy to get bored if the fitness staff are not interested in your fitness and your development.

The Gentsroom is different. Once you become a member you will find that the service offered by Mbody at the Gentsroom is beyond the normal. Our philosophy for fitness training is very much back to basics.

Now none of us are politicians so we actually mean back to basics, not just making do with what we have. The idea of fitness training is not new, only our perception and the way we train. Were our Grandparents unfit? The answer is a resounding NO. There was military service, football, boxing and an active lifestyle back in the day. At the Gentsroom, Mbody who run our gym have put together a unique gym with a personal touch. You will not find banks of high tech equipment and an area to pose whilst the girl with the big boobs runs on the treadmill.

Our focus on men means that if you want to train seriously we are the place to be. That does not mean that if your goal is to lose some weight you cannot come here. Quite the opposite. Our one on one training with a personal trainer is ideal for fit and not so fit people. We use movement of the human body to help get in shape. Yes there are weights if you want to increase your muscle mass. There are punch bags to develop stamina and power. You can skip, you can row, you can push up, you can press up and do all the things that will get you in shape.

At the gentsroom though, you can do all of these in a private gym away from the gaze of everybody, and you can do them under the direction of a personal trainer who knows how to get the best from you. Don’t worry about your level of fitness. You may need more work than some, but our trainers have the experience to take you to the next level. We really can help you. To find out how we can help and give us a call and discuss your requirements. A quick visit to the Gentsroom to view the facilities and talk to the staff will show you our dedication to your well being.

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