Boxing Classes

Boxing is a sport involving attack and defence with the fists. Boxers wear padded gloves and fight rounds of between 3 to 15 three minute rounds. The earliest evidence of boxing is from the Mediterranean region from around 1500 BC. Boxing reappeared as a popular sport in England in the 18th century. In 1839 the first rules for boxing were introduced. The London prize ring rules stated that fights should be in a 24 foot square ring with ropes surrounding it. Kicking, biting, gouging and blows below the belt were outlawed. These rules remained unchanged until 1867 when the Marquess of Queensberry introduced the rules which are used to this day. The first world Champion under the Marquess of Queensberry rules was the American fighter James (Gentleman Jim) Corbett who defeated John Sullivan who was the last champion under the London prize ring rules.

Boxing training is hard. Fitness is key to boxing ability. Anyone training in Boxing will see their strength, endurance, fitness and confidence increase. However, just because you train in Boxing it does not mean you will develop a Boxer’s nose or always have a bust lip and black eye. Sparring is only really used by those who want to compete. You do not have to spar unless you want to. Boxing training uses running, bagwork, skipping (think it’s easy – try it), weights, shadow boxing and pad work.

Box, get fit. It’s that simple. Even though boxing is hard work, you will be surprised by how much fun you will have. Just imagine your bosses face on the punch bag or even an ex girlfriend. The Gentsroom will offer all the above training in our gym on site. Call us to discuss Boxing training.
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