The Gentsroom – Designed by men for men

The Gentsroom is a lifestyle choice.  From male grooming to male fitness, a simple wet shave or hair cut to our advanced trichology centre and male treatmentrooms. The Gentsroom aims to provide the ultimate space for men, the chill out room allows you to relax both before and after treatments our personal fitness and nutritional staff show you how to get the most out of the least. Our life coaching skills have been developed to help you get the best out of yourself & our philosophy is one of moderation and not one of forced rituals.

Our high tech salon in Dundee’s prestigious Waterfront Development, City Quay, offers the ultimate in mens lifestyle.  Fed up of work, fed up of life or perhaps just a little fed up of your woman! Join us! The Gentsroom team of professionals can alter your day your week, perhaps even your life!

Some of the services we offer include

Male Waxing
Male Hair Treatments & Styling
Male Pattern Baldness
Personal Training
Fitness Training
Competition Training
Circuit Training
Male Fitness Classes
Boxing Classes
Martial Arts Classes
Male Only Chill Out Area
Male Lifestyle Coaching
Men’s Beauty Treatments
Trichology Centre
Men’s Health Clinic
Sports Injury Clinic
Male Massage
Sports Injury massage
Men’s Barber
Wet Shave
Mens Adventures
Stag Weekends
Adventure Breaks
Mens Retail Products

At The Gentsroom we treat men the way men want to be treated. A male owned company with men’s best interests at heart. We aim to pamper, relax, style & invigorate you in a way you have never experienced before.

Joining us at The Gentsroom couldn’t be simpler. You can turn up on the day and take your chances or The Gentsroom offer an appointment system by either email or phone, whichever suits you best. (Certain treatments must be booked in advance)

Keep an eye open for our special offers on male grooming and male styling and special guest appointments such as award winning tattoo artists and mens style specialists.

There is always something new happening at The Gentsroom so sign up to become a member and gain access to our priority booking service, our chill out room, members update and a host of other member benefits.

So, do you want to benefit from hair removal, G5 massage, massage therapy, Swedish massage, deep tissue massage, sports injury massage.

Do you want to benefit from a healthier lifestyle with more pulling ability (highly dependant on looks and chat), more confidence, more style and more sex appeal?

Maybe you just want a wet shave for that special occasion or book up to our daily shave service and benefit from a reduced rate and a bonus treatment each week.

Too little hair? We can help!  Trichology

Too much hair? We can help! Men’s Hair Removal

Perhaps you want us to look at your whole lifestyle, from looks to cars to houses The Gentsroom can make you what you want to be.

Perhaps you just want to see what all the fuss is about male manicures?

Did you know that one of the first things a woman looks at on a potential bloke is his nails? Why let yourself down before you have even started, book a manicure! Note – We are not going to put glossy nail polish all over your nails, what we will do is clean your nails, trim them, give you a hand massage and some other bits and pieces.

The Gentsroom feels it time to fight back, fight back against aging, fight back against hair loss, fight back about getting fat, fight back about getting unhealthy and fight back about the women getting all the good stuff!

Everything from a simple wet shave to an adventure weekend can be arranged. You want to turn up to a party driving an Aston Martin with clothes that would put James Bond to shame, we can sort it. For our basic services we operate a menu pricing system but contact us with your requests for something more daring and we can arrange it. The only limit at The Gentsroom is your imagination!
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