Trichology Centre

What is a Hair System?

A hair system is basically the same as a Hair Piece, with a few differences. The system is specifically designed to attach differently. It will typically be attached in such a way as it will remain on the person's head for 4 to 6 weeks without being taken off. Unlike the hair piece, the system is not removed by the person them self. The term "System" tends to imply more than just the item placed on the head. It includes customer education and training in the method of cleansing and styling during the time period it is worn.

Every month or so, The Gentsroom will do the removal and reattachment. At this time the clients head and "System" are thoroughly cleansed. The "System" is carefully inspected and any adjustment needed will be performed. The clients hair is cut and styled then the "System" is reattached and finish styled. This System keeps the clients grooming at an extremely high level. The clients will look good, be happy with themselves, and will enjoy their full head of hair. The clients that wear "Hair Systems" are the ones that you do not know are wearing a Hair Replacement. They are completely natural. No one will ever know. Undoubtedly hair systems are the most desirable method of replacing hair that has been lost.

How are they Made?

Your standard hair unit will be made custom for you. Each person is going to have different needs, and at The Gentsroom we will can give you the time and attention you need to avoid ending up with a silly looking head covering. Everyone has a different lifestyle, and different needs, and consequently there are several different types of units.

The Hair Replacement is made by taking an exact contoured pattern of the balding area of the persons head and making a working form from that pattern. The form will look like a persons head with the exact shape of the head. All heads are different so a new form must be made according to each and every pattern.  The form is carefully trimmed, shaved and shaped to perfection. The material chosen to make the foundation from is then tightly stretched and fitted to the scalp to make it fit perfectly. This is a lengthy process as so much care must be taken for a perfect fit. When the foundation is correct the hair is then inserted in and out of the foundation using a small tip curved needle with a microscopic fish hook cut in to the end of the needle. The fish hook is cut so it will only accept one 40 denier hair to fit into the hook. The stitch is made then a tiny knot is created by twisting the needle in a special manner to create the knot. The knotting is done one hair at a time till the foundation has been completely filled with the proper amount of hair. Thousands of tiny knots are made one per hair hour after hour till it is finished. The usual production time to complete one hand tied Hair Replacement will arrive at 56 or more man hours. No small frivolous job. The inception of the hair is an art that takes many months to master. Persons doing this work will usually burn out in less than one year. Rarely do they stick with such a meticulous job so their are always hundreds of persons in training at all times.

Someone who foresees wearing theirs 24 hours a day 7 days a week would want to go with something that has a lighter foundation. By foundation we mean the material on which the hair has been incorporated. A good example of a lighter foundation style is something called a "Fine Mono Mesh". It's very similar in consistency to the material you see in women's stockings. This is typically the most popular foundation style today, however there are many others to choose from. Some are made out of a nylon, a polyester, silk, polyurethane, flat or welded, etc.

A little History

Technology really has advanced, even in the area of Hair Units. Believe it or not, they've come a long way baby. When hair units first came out, the focus was on creating a more durable and heavy unit. Today's units are much much lighter, and focus on a better fit, and consequently a more natural look. What is the reason for the change? You.

The consumer really has lead the demand for lighter pieces over the years. Men want something that is light and undetectable. For instance, some units have a foundation only of a polyurethane base known as THR, which is a thin coat of poly painted over a soft gauze foundation. Due to the extreme "thinness" of these types of pieces, they tend to not last as long. Sometimes you can't have both progress and perfection. The thinner the foundation, the less durable it becomes.

Call The Gentsroom today to discuss the options available and which ones best suit your needs.  The Gentsroom provides a free consultation service.
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